Friday, July 08, 2011
Desert Island Wines
I'm leaving for Martha's Vineyard tomorrow night on the redeye. My wife and I decided to bring some wine in my FAA-authorized case. I would actually prefer to go on a wine holiday, a holiday from wine, but it's not practical to do so. The selection is weak, the prices are terrible and there's no (or low) corkage at most restaurants. So I've got six spots. Five, if you give one to a liter bottle of Kettle One for Mrs. What are the five Desert Island wines, keeping in mind that it is an island...in July? And Mrs. doesn't like CA Chardonnays. So out goes Marcassin, Aubert (that could make it through, but I only have the new 09s), J. Rochioli, etc. As of this writing, and you know how packing goes, I've got a Fevre Chablis (Les Clos 04), Leflaive Puligny Montrachet (Pucelles 05), Boillot Chassagne Montrachet (I forget which), and a Volnay. No American wines for my All-American holiday? But how would I like a Les Pavots on a 70+-degree night in July...with a lobster roll? Developing.